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Computer Sciences

B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

The mission of the Deptt. Of Computer Science & Engineering is to persistently strive for achieving excellence in computing disciplines. It is being pursued through its spectrum of academic programmes in computing of contemporary standards. The sustained effort is to produce computing graduates with potential to design and develop systems involving the integration of software and hardware devices; innovative approaches to programming and problem solving as well as creative ways to use Computers; Large scale software systems; and computing infrastructure of an organization.

With an aim to carve a niche for itself in Computer Science and allied domains, the department strives to:

  • Become a pioneering world-class centre of excellence in education and research through collaborative, consultative and participatory approaches
  • Nurture effective capabilities for the development of high quality technical and scientific manpower to meet the challenges of the knowledge era
  • Provide cost-effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based solutions and value-added services to a variety of organisations and to meet the expectations of stakeholders
  • Foster learning and creative community that strives to continuously advance the frontiers of knowledge and promote the deployment and usage of ICT-based applications for betterment of society.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has one of the best infrastructure including domain-specific labs like as Red Hat, Microsoft and Oracle. With an objective of developing core competence in the respective subject matter specialisations and special interest groups for learning newer technologies, the Department has formed the Society/groups to nurture the young talent in the required domain.

Objectives of the Course :

A graduate of the Computer Science & Engineering Program will be prepared to –

  • Apply fundamental computing principles and software development skills to the design and implementation of systems that meet specifications.
  • Use computing to solve complex problems.
  • Be successful in a computing-related profession or graduate study.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Be an effective team member.
  • Act professionally and ethically in the global workplace.
  • Be actively engaged in learning and applying new ideas and technologies as the field evolves.