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Mr. Bijender M’dia

Assistant Professor & Head

Qualifications: B.Sc.(Electronics), M.Sc.(Electronics), M.Tech., Ph.D.(Thesis Submitted)

Experience: 1 yr (Industrial) 8 yrs (Teaching)

Research Area: Microelectronics, VLSI Design, Mixed signal FPGA design, Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Design, SOC & SOH Monitoring of Battery Research Publication National/International

Ms. Ritu Sharma

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech.,M.Tech

Experience: 10 years (Teaching)

Research Area: Power System Operation and Control

Research Publication: National/International Conference -09

Ms. Tanu Arora

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech., M.Tech.,

Experience: 5 Years

Reasearch Area: Wireless Communications, Signal Processing

Research Publication : 7

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gill

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Sc.(Electronics), M.Sc.(Electronics), M.Tech.

Experience: 1 yr (Industrial) 8 yrs (Teaching)

Research Area: VLSI Design, Wireless Communication

Research Publication National/International Conference -04

Mr. Devender Kumar

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.E., MBA, M.Tech.

Experience: 12 years

Research Area: VLSI fabrication process

Research Publication National Conference -02

Ms. Vimal

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech., M.Tech.

Experience: 7 Years

Research Area: Digital Electronics, Digital System Design & Wireless Networks

Research Publication National/International Conference -04

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Assistant Professor

Qualifications: B.Tech., M.Tech., MBA

Experience: 8 Years

Research Area: Instrumentation

Research Publication:  International Conference -3

Workshops: -4