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Events and Activities


Sports activities are the compulsory part of our physical and mental health. Now a days  government is also promoting the sports activities. Beside entertainment students learn leadership skills and team work. Sports activities are held in the Mechanical Department regularly. There are so many games like football, volly ball, basketball, badminton etc. But mostly mechanical Engineering students love to play the cricket very much. Recently the cricket match was held between 4th sem and 6th sem students in February 2017.Both team played well and enjoyed a lot.

Tech Fest (Mind Spark-2017):

It is an annual technological and science festival organized by GITM. The aim of the fest is to explore the talents of the students. Many technical events are held during fest, including quiz, Lan Gamming, Project Exhibition, Junk Yard etcn. In the Event Junk Yard the Students prepare several working models on the spot by using waste material. In Project Exhibition students came with their innovative thinking and a wide variety of technical projects. For example solar chair, slider cranks mechanism etc.

Seminar on communication & soft skills:

The seminar on communication & soft skills was held for the mechanical branch Students by Cambridge institute of language. As we know according to latest survey the Communication skills are ranked FIRST among a job candidate’s “must have” skills and qualities. Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills for today’s youth. While our technical skills get your foot in the door of opportunities, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that ensure your holistic development.

To an employer, good communication skills are essential. During an interview, for example, employers are impressed by a job candidate who answers questions with more than one-word answers (such as yeah…nah…dunno), demonstrates that he or she is listening, and shares information and ideas (by asking questions for clarification and/or follow-up). The interview can be an indication to employers of how the candidate or employee will interact with supervisors, co-workers, and customers or resolve conflicts when they arise. Remember, non-verbal communication is also critical in an interview. Employers expect good eye contact, good posture, and “active” listening. One of the challenges in the workplace is learning the specific communication styles of others and how and when to share your ideas or concerns. This seminar helped a lot to our students in developing their interpersonal skills and building a long term career.

Industrial Visits:

As the industrial visit is the first step of the students in real industry world. The students can see how the actual work takes place in mechanical industries. With the help of industrial visit the student can see the infinite number of opportunities which are available for them. Industrial visits give practical approach to students and these also really develop their interest in theory also. The student can imagine their future also. The Students of mechanical Engg department have visited so many industries. Two industries (Amtek Auto Ltd. & Rubal Techno Enterprise) had been visited by the students in feb 2017.The student of mechanical Engineering enjoyed the experience of industrial visit.

Amtek Auto Ltd.:- Amtek, Dharuhera is the one of the world’s largest global forging & integrated machining companies. It manufactures the auto and non auto components. Some of the products are Fly wheel, connecting rod, crank shaft, ring gears, front axle beam etc. It has facilitates across India, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Italy & Romania. At the starting of the visit some of the staff members give a nice presentation to the students about the hierarchy of management, their customers, products and finally each step of the manufacturing process. This presentation helped a lot to our students while visiting the industry. They saw the various processes such as forging, high pressure aluminum die casting, machining, assembly etc.

Rubal Techno Enterprise:-It is situated in Dolatabad ,Gurugram. The company produces the high quality sheet metal component for automobile industry. The major customers of the company are Sandhar Component, Sandhar Automotive, Emkay Auto. The students visited their and learned a lot about how the press machine works ,What are the various operation involved in making a product from a sheet metal. These industrial visits help in developing technical skills and also provide an industrial platform to students.

Work shop on 3D-Printing:

A workshop of 3D Printing is arranged for the students of mechanical Engineering. This Workshop frames a new idea for startup for mechanical Engineers. They can start their own set up with low investment .As the name 3D Printing- also known as additive manufacturing turns-digital 3D models into solid object by building them up in layers. Such a nice technology if you want any object physically, you just use 3D printer and object is prepared anywhere.